The Book of Tobit

The Book of Tobit

1:1 The book that contains the words of Tobit the grandson and son of Tobiel the sons of Ananiel the sons of Gabael the sons of Aduel the sons of Gabael the children of Asael the descendants of Nephthali

1:2 Enemessar, King of the Assyrians during the reign of Enemessar was taken captive in Thisbe. This is the city that is located right at the right hand of the city.

1:3 Tobit I Tobit have walked all of my life in justice and truth. I also offered almsdeeds and a lot of love to my brothers who accompanied us to Nineve and the Land of the Assyrians. Movie (

1:4 Then, while I was in my home country in the land of youth of Israel, all the Nephthali tribes fell from the House of Jerusalem. It was in Jerusalem that the Temple of the habitation of God the Highest was dedicated.

1:5 Then all tribes, along with the house of Nephthali revolted and were sold to heifer Baal.

1:6 But I alone was often in Jerusalem at the feasts, as it was ordained unto all the people of Israel by an everlasting decree, having the firstfruits and tenths of growth, in addition to the one that was first shorn. And they gave me at the altar to the priests children of Aaron.

1:7 The first tenth portion of all increase I gave to the sons of Aaron, who ministered at Jerusalem: another tenth part I sold away, and went, and used it each year in Jerusalem:

1:8 I also gave the third to whomever it was meet, just as Debora my father’s mother had instructed.

1:9 Moreover, when I reached the age of men, I married Anna who was a woman of my own blood and had Tobias. Petition: Mel Gibson should play Tobit in feature film *

1:10 When we were taken prisoner to Nineve all my brethren, and those who were blooded by me were fed on the bread made by the Gentiles.

1:11 I was trying to stay away from eating.

1:12 For God was the only thing I could think of.

1:13 And the most High gave me grace and favour prior to Enemessar and I could be his purveyor.

1:14 Then I went into Media. Gabael was my brother, and we left Rages in trust with Gabael. Rages is a city with Media ten talent of Silver.

1:15 Enemessar passed away 1:45 Enemessar died, and Sennacherib, his son, was his successor. His estate was so tense that I was unable to enter Media However,

1:16 And in the time of Enemessar I gave many alms to my brothers and offered my food to those who were hungry

1:17 I stripped myself to my naked clothing. If I saw my nation die or were thrown about the walls of Nineve I buried them.

1:18 Now, if Sennacherib had murdered any one, at the time it was his turn, I fled from Judea.

1:19 One of the Ninevites appeared to complain about me to King, I dug a grave for them and concealed myself; knowing that I was to be executed, I withdrew.

1:20 My belongings were taken away. I was left with my wife Anna as well as my son Tobias.

1:21 He was killed by his two sons, and then fled to the mountains of Ararath. Sarchedonus was his son who ruled in his place.

1:22 Achiacharus insisted for me and I returned to Nineve. Then Achiacharus was the cupbearer, as well as keeper of the signet, and steward, as well as overseer of the accounts and Sarchedonus appointed him next unto him: and he was the son of my brother.

2:1 After I got home, my wife Anna and my son Tobias were restored to me in the feast at Pentecost. There was a delicious dinner that was cooked for me, and I took my seat.

2:2 I saw abundant meat, and I said to my son “Go and take any poor man that thou finds among our brothers who are mindful of God; and lo, I tarry pouring for you.”

2:3 He returned and said, Father! One of our nations is entangled and being sold to the market.

2:4 Then, before I had tasted of any meat, I began to get to take him to a room until going down of the sun.

2:5 I returned to my room, cleaned myself, then ate my meat.

2:6 Take note of the prophecy concerning Amos as he stated your feasts will change into sorrow and all your joy will turn to lamentation.

2:7 So, I wept. After the setting sun, I went and made his grave.

2:8 But my neighbors mocked me, and told me: This man isn’t afraid to be executed in this case. He fled away, but lo, he burieth again the dead.

2:9 The next night, I came back from burial and slept on the walls of my courtyard. My face was exposed due to the fact that it was polluted.

2:10 And I knew not that there were sparrows on the wall, and my eyes were open, the sparrows drew warm dung into mine eyes, and a whiteness appeared in my eyes: and I went to the physicians, but they helped me in no way. Achiacharus did nourish me, until I entered Elymais.

2:11 Anna, my spouse, took up women’s labor.

2:12 The parents paid her wages after she returned home, and she gave them an additional child.

2:13 And when it was at my home, and I started crying, I said unto her, From whence did this child come from? Was it stolen? Give it back to the owner. It is against the law to eat food that has been stolen.

2:14 She replied, “It was given to me for a gift rather than wages.” However, I believed her, and ordered her to give it to the owners. She was astonished. She asked me: Where are the alms you give and your righteous deeds? Behold, thou is known along with all of your works.

3:3 I became sad and I wept. In my sorrow, I prayed,

3:2 O God, thou art right and all of your actions and ways are mercy & truth and that thou judgest truely and with justice forever.

3:3 Please keep me in mind and look upon me.

3:4 They didn’t heed the commands of God. Therefore, thou hast provided us with a loss and to be a captive and put to death, as a warning for all nations.

3:5 Your judgments will be fair and numerous and fair: You will judge me according to my sins, and my father’s. Because we have not kept your commandments, nor have we been honest in our conduct.

3:6 Now, deal with me in the way that is most appropriate to you. Then, ask that my spirit be taken away from me, so that it can be made into earth. It is more profitable for me than to be alive because I’ve heard false accusations and feel much sorrow.

3:7 On the same day it was discovered that in Ecbatane the town in Media Sara, the daughter Raguel was also reproached and beat by the maids of her father’s.

3:8 For she was married to seven men, whom Asmodeus the evil spirit had killed, after they had slept together with her. They inquired whether they were aware that thou had already strangled your husbands. Thou hast already been married to seven men, and wasn’t named after one of them.

3:9 How will you defeat us in their place? If they are dead, then go following them, and we shall never see of thy son or daughter.

3:10 When she heard these things, she was extremely sad and believed she could have strangled herself. She then declared, “I am the sole daughter of my father. If this occurs, it could be a reproach for him. I will take his past with sadness to their grave.”

3:11 She then prayed to the window, saying, Blessed art Thou, Lord My God. Thine holy and glorious name is blessed for ever; let all thy work be a praise to thee forever.

3:12 Now, O Lord, I put my eyes and face toward thee,

3:13 and say, “Take Me Out of the Earth, That I May Hear No More of the Rejection.

3:14 Thou, Lord knows that I am free from all the sins of man.

3:15 And that I never polluted my name, nor my father’s name, in my prisoner’s land: I am the only daughter of my father, neither hath he any child who could become his heirs, nor any of his kin, nor any son alive who I can keep myself for a wife: my seven husbands are dead; and why should I live? But, if it pleases you that I should die. I’d like to receive some consideration, and pity for me.

3:16 Their prayers were heard by God, the supreme God.

3:17 Raphael was sent to heal them, that is, to eliminate the whiteness in Tobits’ eyes, and also to grant Sara the girl of Raguel as a bride to Tobias and also to tie Asmodeus; As she belonged Tobias by inheritance. Tobit returned to his home in the same moment, and Sara, daughter of Raguel, entered his house.

4:1 Tobit was capable of recalling the money that he had promised Gabael during Rages of Media.

4:2 He said to himself, I have wanted to die; why should I not ask my son Tobias that I may be a signatory to him for the sum of money prior to my death?

4:3 When he spoken to him, he said”My son, when I am dead, bury me; and despise not your mother, but honor her throughout your life. Do that which shall please her, and grieve her not.

4:4 Bear in mind, my dear child, that she saw many dangers before thee, while thou weret in the womb of her baby.

4. 5 “My son, keep your eyes of God our God throughout the day. Let not thy will ever be entangled in sin or to transgress his commands. Do righteous deeds every day and resist the temptations of unrighteousness.

4:6 If thou acts honestly your actions, they will succeed to you and all others who are just.

4:7 Give alms from thy substance. When thou givest alms let not your eye be envious. Do not turn your back on anyone who is poor. God’s face God will not turn away from you.

4:8 Give alms if you have plenty; if you only have a little do not be afraid to give it according to its needs.

4:9 for thou layst an excellent treasure to yourself to protect yourself from the day of necessity.

4:10 For the alms save us from death, and we do not live in the darkness.

4:11 For alms is a good gift unto anyone who gives it to the most high.

4:12 Beware and be careful of all whoredom, my son. You should marry the daughter of your fathers. Do not take a woman of another tribe to marry to us: We are the descendents of the prophets Noe (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob): Keep in mind, my boy, that all our fathers were blessed from the beginning. They all married wives of their kindred and had children. Their descendants will be the inheritors of the land.

4:13 Now, my son, be a good friend to all, and do not despise in your heart your brothers, the children and daughters of the people in your country, and do not take their wives because pride can cause destruction.

4:14 Don’t let any man’s wages that he worked for you, stall you. Give him the money right away. Because God is faithful to his faithful servants.

4:15 Don’t do that to any man you hate Don’t drink wine to make you drunk; nor let the drunkenness hinder your journeys.

4:16 Give bread to those who are hungry and of thy garments to them that are naked. Then according to your abundance, give alms: and do not let your eyes be envious, when thou give alms.

4:17 Leave thy bread out to burials for the righteous, but don’t give it to sinners.

4:18 Get the counsel of those who are wise, and don’t ignore any advice that is profitable.

4:19 Praise God your God and seek his guidance, so that all thy routes are guided and that all your plans and counsels may succeed. Every nation doesn’t have counsel; the Lord is the only one who gives positive things to everyone.

4:20 I now signify that I have ten talents for Gabael, Gabrias’ son at Rages in Media.

4:21 Do not be afraid, my son that we are being made poor. But if you are afraid of God and repent of all your transgressions, do the right thing in his sight.

5:1 Tobias replied and said to his father, “Father I will obey everything that Thou hast commanded me to do.

5:2 However, I don’t know how to obtain the cash.

5:3 He then handed the man his writing and said to him: Find a man that may accompany you while I still live. I will pay him a salary. Then, go and get the money.

5:4 Therefore when he went to seek a man, he found Raphael who was an angel.

5:5 He knew nothing and he asked his self, “Canst thou take me to Rages?” Do thou know these places well?

5:6 Whom did the angel say, I will go along with thee? I am familiar with the way because I’ve been in the same location as our brother Gabael.

5:7 Then Tobias told him: I’m a bit late, until I inform my father.

5:8 He then said to him, Go on and linger not. He went into the house and said to his father, Behold I have found a man who can go with me. Then he told his father “Call me to my Father, that I may learn of the tribe he is and whether he will be a trustworthy man to go alongside me.”

5:9 Then he called him, and the man was in.

5:10 Tobit replied, “Brother, show me your tribe and family.”

5:11 To whom, he said, Are you looking for an entire family? Or an employee to accompany your son. Then Tobit told him: I would know, brother, thy kindred and the name.

5:12 He said, I am Azarias 5:12, son of Ananias the great, and of thy brethren.

5:13 Tobit answered, “Thou art most welcome, brother.” He claimed that Tobit was correct.

5:14 Tell me, what do I have to pay you? What wages will you give me?

5:15 Yea, moreover If you return safely I’ll include something in your pay.

5:16 They were very content. Tobias was then instructed by the angel, prepare yourself for your journey. God will send you an enjoyable journey. After his son had finished prepping for the journey, his father told him to go with him and God, the one who lives in heaven. The angel of God will be your companion. They both set out with their young companions, the dog of the young man.

5:17 Anna, Anna’s mother, wept, and said Tobit, “Why has thou sent our son away?” is not he the staff of our hand, in going in and out before us?

5:18 Do not be greedy to make more money But treat your child like a refuse.

5:19 For that which the Lord has given us to live with will be enough for us.

5:20 Tobit said to her “Take no care, my sis; he will return in safety and your eyes will see him.”

5:21 The angels will be with him. His journey will be profitable and he’ll be safe when he returns home.

5:22 She stopped weeping.